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Online Notary Public

Since 2020, Ontario Regulation 431/20 of the Commissioners for Taking Affidavits Act (Ontario) has authorized Commissioners (including Notaries when acting as Commissioners) to exercise our powers remotely (online). 


As a Notary Public, I have personally commissioned in-excess of 2,000 documents in online appointments and countless others via in-person appointments.  I am pleased to be able to make my services available online for; any affidavit or statutory declaration being used in Ontario, most forms and any other document that can also be signed by a Commissioner for Taking Affidavits. 

Want to learn more or book your appointment?  Select your appointment type below! 

While the process may vary slightly from one appointment to the next, here is good idea of how the online commissioning process will work from beginning to end! process will work from beginning to end!

  1. Schedule your appointment via the booking calendar OR one of the other links on this page for specialty appointment types. ;

  2. If you are requesting Express Online service, please ensure the document has already been prepared and you need to notarize it, Email the document you need notarized and 1 piece of photo ID to jeff@aikmannotary prior to your appointment;

  3. At the appointment time, you will join me in a short Zoom call where I will verify your identity and send you a link to view and sign your document electronically; 

  4. Immediately after the appointment, you will receive an e-mail with your fully executed and notarized document attached and a payment link to submit your payment. 

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